Lettuce shortage…how do they manage in hot climates?

“UK heatwave: Lettuce growers warn of imminent shortage”

Today’s BBC headline could be the counter-balance to the winter ones where “the beast from the east” caused havoc in every aspect of life and shopping; shortages of every basic foodstuff and, according to business analysts many months later, sales in every store affected by the extreme cold weather. So now the heat is stopping lettuces from growing.

Having lived and travelled in desert lands I do wonder how those citizens managed to feed themselves whilst surviving burning days. If lettuce cannot grow in this heat then perhaps cooks need to search out alternatives? Does salad need lettuce?

Return to the history books to discover alternative non-lettuce salads; there are numerous lettuce-free summer meals to make.

Second thought is that very little weather is “normal”; it can be freezing one minute then hit sweltering highs [who is to decide what is "normal" and acceptable for these caravan dwellers?]





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