Watching the suffering of children….

I recall being set an essay for our weekend homework in the 4th year of senior school: ‘The crying child’.  My mind is a blank right now as to what I scribbled, although somebody wrote about the founding of the NSPCC. It was all about how a child was rescued off the street and taken to an animal rescue home as there were none dedicated to caring for children; abandoned and injured animals had been taken care of before the young of humans.


The situation in Gaza has been delivered to our door via the world’s media; there is no excuse to not know that thousands of children are currently direct casualties of heavy bombardment and shelling. Previously there was always a sense of ‘misbehaving’ if outwardly showing support for the Palestinians….but the solid wall built to keep one group well inside their open prison did serve to attract attention and condemnation of an administration. Is it any wonder that tunnels were built to access the outside world? In fact, the underground infrastructure allowing for the importation of essential supplies, (including livestock and building materials),  thus provided goods on which their government could apply taxation; a cruel irony whilst witnessing the physical destruction of entire neighbourhoods.


Is it any wonder a people can feel so frustrated when their land is confiscated and given to another, their ancient olive trees simply ripped out of the ground?

There appears to be little will to change tactics; the world can watch whilst Israel employs its massive arsenal and defensive systems;  the international community seems to sit in various camps; most humans have decided on the title of this episode; we can watch by the hour and feel horror for the plight of innocent children blown up as they slept in the assumed safety of a UN school.

Both Israel and the United nations are products of the ending of World War Two…what an irony that the peaceful purpose of one is completely ignored by the other.


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  1. Tweezerman says:

    I enjoy reading your thoughts… sadly, hadn’t read last month’s until now but both pieces are execellent. Thanks for sharing .

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