Friday night with “The Full Fifteen”

My first ever blog deserves a good glass of wine…hence “The Full Fifteen”….a really good mouthful and, at 15%, it hits the spot…..after a full day of cooking and attacking the honeysuckle that I rescued a few years ago, (now very happily taking over my outdoor seating spot in the full sun), I find that my devoted Man has sorted everything and I can WRITE ! Welcome to my mixed bag that will accompany me to many places…sexy and serious. The cooking featured an enormous pot, full of potato curry which has already been semi-emptied by my hungry men of the house….always tastes better later so I hope to grab some when hunger takes over. When I get stuck into writing I find I can hold on for hours….I have clear memory of typing a piece many years ago when my daughter was about 18 months old…she got fed up waiting and helped herself to several bites of Cheddar cheese straight from the pack….I was writing about food and how much is estimated to be lost, world-wide, due to hungry vermin. It was at the time of Edwina Currie’s pronouncement that all eggs in the UK were probably contaminated with salmonella, creating an ENORMOUS political furore, as well as disaster for the egg industry. Since then we have moved on and, thankfully, our supplies must now be raised in conditions that don’t require a living creature to stay in one spot all its life, and we have all learnt something about food hygiene. I seem to recall the lady Currie featured in some other parliamentary furore with a colleague, and then became a writer….if anyone read her book please tell me about it. To complete the picture I shall remind the world how I started the aforementioned typing:

“Diddle, diddle dumpling, my son John,                                                                                            Ate a pasty five foot long,                                                                                                                 He bit it once, he bit it twice,                                                                                                           Oh my goodness,                                                                                                                                 It was full of mice.”

As I drew that out of my memory, (admit I did check the wording in Iona and Peter Opie’s Puffin Book of Nursery Rhymes), I found myself smiling as the politics returned…from Edwina Currie’s Eggs  to George Osborne’s “Pasty Tax”….I want to call it “Pastygate’ but I don’t think any bugs were involved……The POLITICS of FOOD is never far away! On that note I shall see if my hungry men need their next instalment….by that I mean real sustenance as opposed to “blog supper”. Back to the kitchen…at least I don’t have dead mice tucked away in corners as I learnt from my Mama during our phone conversation last night. That’s for another time when I’ll discuss the pleasure of a live-in cat. Goodnight and Good Luck.

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4 Responses to Friday night with “The Full Fifteen”

  1. Tweezerman says:

    Never mind George Osborne’s tax… this has put me right off eating pasties!

  2. Hypatia says:

    Actually they were designed to be a nutritious meal in one: savoury meat and veg at one end with fruit filling at the other, to sustain the Cornish tin miners during their long shift getting that precious metal out for the world. Home-made is best….think the mice might have got in due to poor eyesight of the cook…or were they living creatures, having found their way into a session of baking, innocently left to cool? Eat it hot, Tweezerman, then the mice will be well-cooked!

  3. Margon says:

    As they say …

    …I dearly love a pasty, a ‘ot leaky one;
    With mayt, turmit and taty, h’onyon and parsley in ‘un
    The crus’ be made weth suet, shaped like ‘alf a moon;
    Crinkly h’edges, freshly baked ‘e es alway gone too soon!

    A bientôt, “Aristide Briand….Pouz…” & now Margon. xxx

  4. Hypatia says:

    So the Cornish Pasty has arrived in France….of course someone may yet prove that it started there…but I don’t think so! Did you know that they say the Phoenicians brought saffron to Cornwall during those early trading days, in exchange for tin? Something I have yet to bake: a Cornish Saffron Cake…DID learn how to make Cornish pasties during school cookery lessons with the Yorkshire “Mrs Harrison” who ruled the kitchen with stern eye and uncompromising attitude. Actually think that was quite a good thing with class full of, often silly, convent girls. Returning to the Pasty Tax….any comment on the French proposal to tax the “second homes” of (mainly) English owners of French houses? History shows that taxes were imposed to pay for wars, and later, social welfare reforms which placed the payer in a relationship with their State…not quite the case for foreigners who already pay their local taxes and yet are unable to access ANY of the services available to their peers who live as citizens of the country. All a bit odd as the French who visit UK, on holiday or not, block up the appointments at the doctor’s surgery and don’t have to pay a penny!!!!! Being half-French I’d like to own property in France on the grounds that my grandfather spent the last World War risking his life IN occupied France to impede the actions of the occupying army….AND not be taxed in return! Recently my mother recalled how her maman had to hide my grandfather’s gun in a bowl of melted fat, and how they listened to the BBC for coded messages that she wrote under the kitchen table….sadly Pierre is long gone from this earth but he’s still a special memory for me. I was all for a change in the French administration, believing that little Sarky had been a bit too close into the bosom of Frau Angela…but I do hope that the attempt to raise some cash will be FAIR…….a bientot Margon xx

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