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Missing the Tomato Feast…

September is always a special month for me as my mind re-invigorates the memory of the arrival of my first-born; not a straight-forward story but one which might be used to illustrate the importance of the trusting relationship between patient … Continue reading

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Batter before the fast…history delivered via a simple recipe

Mix a pancake Stir a pancake Pop it in the pan. Fry the pancake, Toss the pancake, Catch it if you can!   A late Easter means “Pancake Day” doesn’t clash with Valentine’s…pancakes supplying a moveable feast which always seem … Continue reading

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Summer 2015 closes….

A day of drizzle marked that glorious souvenir of Victorian Britain; the August Bank Holiday. Walking with my son late afternoon we noticed the ripening blackberries, the dark-spotted hedges were a reminder of our previous walks armed with ice cream … Continue reading

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Blackberry picking

  The summer has disappeared under a growing pile of books; loose pages of notes filed under the ‘free-flow’ system have formed a giant trip-hazard…my dissertation has become a living creature, haunting me night and day. The walks to physically … Continue reading

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The Icing Hand….Happy Birthday Tony Harrison

April 30th…a poet is born. I wonder how Tony’s baker father celebrated the arrival of his son?  77 years ago Tony Harrison made his first, newborn sounds; did his mother know she had brought a new poet into the world? … Continue reading

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In case it’s hot again tomorrow…notes on MINT TEA

MINT TEA….a hot drink that brings instant recovery European travellers experiencing intense North African heat will find instant refreshment if they request Mint Tea…no visitor to Morocco should miss out on a charming-shaped tea pot with fresh mint leaves poking … Continue reading

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Friday night with “The Full Fifteen”

My first ever blog deserves a good glass of wine…hence “The Full Fifteen”….a really good mouthful and, at 15%, it hits the spot…..after a full day of cooking and attacking the honeysuckle that I rescued a few years ago, (now … Continue reading

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