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The meeting of flora and fauna

Digging into a mound of soil to pot up some of my plant babies I noticed a slight movement; thinking it was simply the disturbed soil shifting I carried on…several more trowelsful and my eye caught it again. Then the … Continue reading

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Wardrobe reorganisation with seasonal disorganisation; a confused month

Spring sunshine always reveals the dust of winter forcing the urge to get everything outside into warm air, winter-wear pullovers are shaken before careful hand-washing whilst heavy coats must be prepared for storage; the sudden change in weather mid-month resulted … Continue reading

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The Beast from the East….Blizzards require bread but beware processed foods!

With days of official meteorological advance warning the bad weather was expected so the rush was on to buy up bread stocks…bread-buying made a headline news item! Always a good idea to have a reasonable larder of long-life foods to … Continue reading

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When Nutella Riots spread across France…

Are the French really so desperate for cheap food? From my first recollections of food and cooking, I was aware that the food we had at home wasn’t like that of my school friends; we were a bit different; I … Continue reading

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Howling winds to close the doors of the year…fresh pages await the recording of new days

Some time ago I labelled myself¬† “a librarian of memories” because it became so very clear that I cannot exist without the framework of memories which surrounds my very being. Being an avid diarist and recorder of life’s moments, I … Continue reading

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Advent calendars at the ready…will this be the last December of scattering glitter?

One of the news items which caught my eye this month was the headline explaining how a chain of child-care nurseries has banned the use of glitter for the children’s art and craft activities. ¬†The reasoning behind this action is … Continue reading

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Why are we in such a mess about childhood…and parenting?

This subject has been hanging around in my head for many years but recent events have exacerbated the “itch”…Clearly there’s a mix-up in education which confuses the uniqueness of childhood with the delivery of education…as if there is only one … Continue reading

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Missing the Tomato Feast…

September is always a special month for me as my mind re-invigorates the memory of the arrival of my first-born; not a straight-forward story but one which might be used to illustrate the importance of the trusting relationship between patient … Continue reading

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The news and other events…

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July 2017…one hundred years ago….

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