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Spring blossom supplies a frame for life

With temperatures fluctuating across three seasons this month, UK citizens have have had to dig around from one end of the clothes rail to the other, deciding on a summer outfit just hours after wrapping cosily on winter woollens.  Not … Continue reading

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Mayhem over?

  So it’s been a crazy month for British politics and still no end in sight; my mind suddenly started singing “Where do we go from here?”  whilst reciting a tiny snippet of Shakespeare recalled from English Literature at school: … Continue reading

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Short-sleeves and ice creams in British February has been a seriously unseasonal event worthy of hitting the headlines, and arguably should have remained headline news within the scientific context of climate change and global warming.  Some state that the weather … Continue reading

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January snows

Watching energetic blue tits flitting about under a beautiful blue sky yesterday morning, it certainly appeared that these tiny little birds were enjoying the warmth of some welcome January sunshine.  Later I had trekked up the hill heading into town, walking … Continue reading

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Closing 2018

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Gilets Jaunes, Yellow Vests…garments to symbolise power to the people?

The on-going action in France to protest about the increasing taxes on vehicle fuel have made an impact which perhaps politicians failed to foresee.

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Plastic pumpkins for a plastic planet

  Halloween and all that; visiting the supermarket today, the depressing sight of rows and rows of “pumpkins” manufactured out of plastic…useless unnecessary junk to create more polluting waste.  One might wonder exactly how many shoppers will buy one and … Continue reading

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Anniversary Deaths…

800 years since the death of Al-Malik ab-Adil/Saphadin/Saif al-Din, brother of Saladin*,  in 1218 And my poetry book informs me it’s 330 years since the death of John Bunyan. Henry Moore died exactly 32 years ago in 1986. 21 years … Continue reading

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Happy 99th birthday Mr Levi!

“Monsters exist, but they are too few in numbers to be truly dangerous. More dangerous are…the functionaries ready to believe and act without asking questions.” Primo Levi Today would have been the 99th birthday of Primo Levi. Sadly he died … Continue reading

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Lettuce shortage…how do they manage in hot climates?

“UK heatwave: Lettuce growers warn of imminent shortage” Today’s BBC headline could be the counter-balance to the winter ones where “the beast from the east” caused havoc in every aspect of life and shopping; shortages of every basic foodstuff and, … Continue reading

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